These Common Issues Can Shorten the Life of Your Commercial Roof

Many business owners and managers don’t really think very often about the commercial roofing system which protects the contents and inhabitants of their business enterprises. However, it’s not a good idea to ignore maintenance and minor repairs for very long, because that can lead to much more costly repairs, and even a full replacement of the roofing system if damage is bad enough. That being the case, it’s worth your while as a business owner or manager to make yourself aware of the most common issues which can contribute to the deterioration of your commercial roof, and to take steps to prevent them.


Surface erosion and deterioration

If the surface of your commercial roofing system begins to erode or otherwise deteriorate, it can trigger much more serious problems like premature aging, or a general breakdown of the roofing system. This makes it important to be on the lookout for signs of blistering, splitting, or ridging, all of which indicate surface deterioration that calls for remediation.


Maintenance neglect

If your commercial roofing system’s condition is ignored for an extended period of time, it’s very possible that some kind of damage is already in progress, which usually leads to even greater issues. To prevent this, have your roofing system inspected periodically, and have any necessary maintenance carried out regularly as well.


Moisture problems

Just about any roof is subject to damage from moisture, especially when water infiltrates the outer layers and penetrates the interior. Regular inspections will help detect moisture problems and leaks soon after they develop, so that they don’t have a chance to escalate into more serious issues.


Cracking and shrinkage

The primary culprit involved in roof shrinkage and cracking is the hazardous ultraviolet rays from the sun. Over an extended period of time, the direct rays of the sun can cause major issues with cracking and shrinkage, and both of these in turn, can lead to other problems.


Wind damage

If a commercial roofing system hasn’t been properly installed, there’s a definite possibility of billowing, wind uplift, or blow-offs, each of which can compromise the integrity of the entire system. This can also happen if regular maintenance is neglected, and no roof system inspections are regularly carried out.


Ponding water

Almost every kind of flat roof in existence has the potential to develop ponding water, simply because there is no way to drain the water away from specific areas on a flat roof. The problem with this is that when an area of ponding water grows larger and larger, it exerts more pressure on the underlying layers, which will eventually lead to serious damage.


Inadequate workmanship or installation

One of the most common causes of problems with commercial roofing systems is that they weren’t installed correctly in the first place, or that repair workmanship was not quite up to snuff. When this happens, almost any other kind of problem can come into play, because the integrity of the roofing system was compromised from the start. If you can be sure that your commercial roof is installed properly, you can avoid many of the other issues described above.

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