Some Innovative Solutions for Unusual Roof Problems

Some Innovative Solutions for Unusual Roof Problems

There are times where weather conditions, remote locations, and tight schedules pose difficult roof problems for certain projects, and these call for creative solutions. Below we describe several specific roofing project challenges, and the innovative approach taken by roofing contractors to complete the project on time and within budget.

Adapt to changing conditions

At Smith Springs Elementary school in Antioch, Tennessee, bad weather caused a 50-day delay in the installation of a new roof. This delay pushed installation time close to the beginning of the new school year, so roofing contractors had to consider an alternative plan to the fully-adhered EPDM roofing system which was scheduled to be installed.

Rather than implementing the fully-adhered system as planned, contractors instead installed a self-adhered version, so that five people could do the job instead of 30. Because a separate adhesive application was no longer needed, a great deal of time and manpower was saved, the school’s roof problems were solved, and 800 students had a new roof over their heads in time for the beginning of the school year.

Consider all possibilities for sensitive cases

In downtown Toronto, the Bata Shoe Museum was in need of a durable re-roofing solution to provide waterproof protection for hundreds of irreplaceable artifacts, which covered thousands of years of history. The sensitivity of this case stemmed from the facts that flame-free installation was required, the museum intended to stay open during the project, and the museum is also situated on a very busy Toronto Street.

Because of its prominent position in downtown Toronto, considerable thought had to be devoted to avoiding any exposure to hazardous materials for passersby. After close consideration between roofing contractors and museum owners, a solution to these roof problems was found. It involved a two-ply modified system with a granulated cap sheet which could withstand the elements. Field and flashing adhesives were odorless, so that museum visitors wouldn’t be disturbed, nor would anyone in the nearby vicinity.

Be aware of local hazards

A very unusual set of roof problems was posed by the Triple Island Lighthouse in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, which needed a roofing structure for its 72-foot concrete tower that could withstand hurricane force winds and constant exposure to Pacific Ocean saltwater. The solution eventually chosen called for a two-ply SBS roofing system with a cold-applied liquid on its surface, so that it would form its own self-flashing, self-terminating membrane, which was seamless in its formatting.

The solution was roughly akin to installing a double roof, which was deemed necessary because of the difficulty of access for the roof installation. Because the roof had to be installed with a helicopter, repairs would have been impractical, so a highly durable and weatherproof solution was needed.

Understand weather risks

Another very innovative solution was needed to correct roof problems at Ketchikan High School in Ketchikan, Alaska. This southeastern city in the state is subject to a rain forest climate which receives hundreds of inches of rain every year along with strong winds, which means any roof in the area has to be able to survive these severe elements.

The high school roof was a 108,000 ft.² structure, which had to be replaced due to aging and having sustained a severe beating from Ketchikan’s weather. Roofing contractors recommended a solution which was adopted by the school board that included an Elvaloy KEE roof, complete with edge metal. This was a more expensive option than might have been chosen, but given the fact that durability was a prime consideration, the school board opted for the 50 mL KEE membrane, which also provided high resistance to punctures.

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