What to Consider When Your Roof Needs Fixing: Do You Repair or Replace?

What to Consider When Your Roof Needs Fixing: Do You Repair or Replace?

Believe it or not, long-term planning can pay off when it comes to the cost of your building’s roof. Whether you have just installed a roof and it is relatively new, or you have one that is nearing the end of its useful life, you can make the most of your roofing dollars by thinking ahead and having a roofing plan in place.

What does this mean? Getting your roof evaluated and serviced annually can help you keep informed about your commercial roof as well as spot minor issues before they become major problems. You can use the information you receive from these inspections to make decisions about repair or replacement and even put a long-term budget in place.

Let’s assume that you already have some kind of roofing trouble, which has led you to research this topic. Replacing a roof can be costly, and it’s not something you want to do unless it’s completely necessary. So, how do you decide whether to repair or replace a roof? There are several questions you’ll want to ask and get answered before you make this choice.

What is the Overall Condition of Your Roof?

Has your building’s roof been properly maintained over the years and how old is the roof? If the roof is fairly new and it has been well-maintained, you can usually repair most damage. However, extensive damage such as major holes or damage to insulation might still require a replacement.

Can You Extend the Life of Your Roof With Repairs?

If your roof is in good condition, a quality repair can add some life to your roof so that you can begin making some room in your budget for a full roof replacement in the next few years. On the other hand, it’s essential to consider the impact that untreated damage could have on the rest of your building. If you decide to repair, be sure to discuss this thoroughly with your roofing professional.

Do You Need a Short or Long-Term Fix?

Your choice may come down to what you have in your company’s budget. If you need more time to find the capital for a full roof replacement, repairing existing damage might be the only option. If damage is extensive, however, it’s probably a good idea to explore financing opportunities if roof replacement is needed to meet code requirements or prevent other damage.

Is Business Disruption or Displacement a Major Concern?

No business wants to close for its customers or have to move out to make room for contractors. Depending on the nature of your business and seasonal factors, business disruption might sway your decision one way or another. If roof damage occurs during your busy season, you could opt for repairs and then replace at a later date.

All Seasons Roofing for Your Commercial Flat Roof Needs

You can minimize the short and long-term expense of the repair or replacement of a commercial roof by spending the extra time today. At All Seasons Roofing, we offer an Annual Flat Roofing Maintenance Program that can not only extend the life of your roof but also identify trouble spots before they cause costly damage.

We offer flat roof repairs that can address problems such as failed flashings and caulking, seam failure, hail damage, clogged draining, and roof deck failure. Our roofing specialists make repairs and replacements to EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing systems.

Contact us now to learn more about this program or to discuss your other commercial roofing needs. We serve customers throughout Central Missouri.