Prevent Unexpected Roofing Issues with this Checklist

As a property owner or manager, the last thing you want on your plate is a commercial roof that has issues or gives out before its time. By properly maintaining your flat commercial roof, you can head off many costly and time-consuming problems as well as extend the useful life of your roof.

If you’re not practicing preventative roof maintenance, it’s probably time to start. Here is a rundown of the most common problems causing premature failure of low-slope roofs, as well as a roofing checklist to prevent unexpected issues.

Most Common Problems Leading to Premature Low-Slope Roof Failure

Roofing problems are never welcome. Instead, they are nearly always costly and lead to an annoying business disruption. Considering this, it makes sense to know as much as possible about your commercial roof and take the steps necessary to protect it from premature failure.

Obviously, a roof is at its best just after it is installed. With a flat roof, the rate of deterioration will depend largely on how well it is maintained. Some of the common issues that lead to premature failure of a low-slope roof include moisture and blow-off issues.

Rain and wind can wreak havoc on any roof, particularly a low-slope roof if it is not properly installed or maintained.  It only takes one faulty seam or flashing issue to allow moisture or other elements to intrude on a roof, which can create further damage and lead to costly repairs.

Speaking of repairs, there is a right and wrong way to approach roof maintenance and upkeep. Using inexperienced or unlicensed contractors to work on a complex commercial roof system is another way that you can create additional expense down the road. Instead, having a regular roof maintenance program from a reputable commercial roofer is the best option.

This Roofing Checklist Will Help Prevent Costly Issues

When you have a commercial low-slope roof, you can prevent many common problems by scheduling regular maintenance. This strategy can spot small issues before they become larger problems. Some of the items on a regular maintenance roofing checklist include:

  • Inspect the roof at least twice annually and after any major storms.
  • Review warranty information annually and keep a separate file for each building.
  • Clear all roof drains of any debris.
  • Walk the roof’s perimeter and examine copings, sheet metal, and any sections with prior repairs.
  • Examine flashings for tearings and wrinkles and check wall-to-roof connections.
  • Check the field of the roof for any damage, such as from excess traffic, hail, or delamination.
  • Look for defects in the seams and any signs of moisture intrusion around vents or HVAC units.

Speak with All Seasons Roofing About Your Roof Maintenance Needs

Roof repair and replacement can be a burden, and this is particularly the case when problems aren’t discovered early. At All Seasons Roofing, LLC we have a program that will allow you to keep your commercial flat roof in top shape year round.

Contact us now to learn more about our Annual Flat Roof Maintenance Program, which can save you time, money, and extend the useful life of your roof. We serve commercial clients throughout central Missouri.