Do You Have a Guarantee That Your Roof Will Stop Leaking?

Do you have a guarantee for that leaky roof fix?

Most business owners have had the experience of a leaky roof which just doesn’t seem to get corrected, even though you’ve had a professional supposedly take care of the issue one or more times. There are of course, situations where it can be very difficult to pinpoint the precise source of a leak, but when you’re paying for professional service, you are entitled to full satisfaction, especially since roofing repairs can be expensive.

What can you do about situations where you seemingly have to address the same leaky roof multiple times? One thing you can do is to request that the roofing specialist do more than apply a simple patch, and you can ask that they thoroughly investigate the cause of the leak, and take appropriate remedial steps, even if that ends up costing you more.

Another thing you can do is ask about obtaining a warranty on any work done on your roof. The types of warranties you are request are identified below, along with some thoughts on the type of warranty which best applies to your leaky roof situation.


Types of warranties

The no-dollar-limit warranty (NDL) is generally associated with a full roof replacement, and the warranty is offered by the manufacturer to cover a specific period of time. This kind of a warranty guarantees that the materials used in the replacement will not fail, and that the cost will be zero to you if replacement is needed during the life of the warranty. These warranties typically span periods of between 10 and 30 years and will generally require some kind of regular maintenance on your part to keep them in effect.

A workmanship warranty covers the work that was done on your roofing repairs or replacement. Interestingly, it does not provide any kind of a guarantee that the work which was done will actually fix the problem – it simply guarantees that the work performed will not be the source of failure or future problems.

A leak-free warranty guarantees that the problem with the leaky roof will be solved after repair work has been done. If it happens that the leak still occurs afterward, additional repair work will be provided to you free of charge by the contractor issuing the warranty. Leak-free warranties are generally provided to cover a span of one year.


About the leak-free warranty

Since the context of this discussion is about a leaky roof, it’s the leak-free warranty which is most appropriate to providing some degree of confidence for business owners. You definitely should ask for a leak-free warranty if you have already been through several iterations of repairs without success, or in situations where you begin to notice that collateral damage is in progress. If your roof has been leaking for a while, it might have weakened other structural materials, and you could have mold growing as well.

Another scenario where a leak-free warranty would be highly advantageous is one in which there could be major damage to equipment which is located below the leak, or if the leak is in a section of your business building where it’s interfering with your normal operations. These are situations where you have to stop the problem immediately, and a leak-free warranty should help with that.


Roofing repairs you can count on

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