Commercial Roof Cleaning is Essential for Your Roof’s Longevity

Commercial Roof Cleaning is Essential for Your Roof's Longevity

As a business owner or property manager, you probably don’t think much about the commercial roof protecting your building. However, it truly is the first line of defense against wind, rain, snow, hail, and even the burning heat of the sun, so it’s good to give it a little consideration now and then. Having your roof inspected periodically, and having roof maintenance performed, would go a long way toward eliminating costly repairs, and it would also help keep things in order up on top of your building. Here are some good reasons for having your roof professionally maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

Identifies problems early

When you have your commercial roof cleaned regularly, you’ll spot problems before they get to be massive in nature, and the price tag gets out of control for repair work. A good professional cleaning team will keep an eye out for small issues which are developing, and have them taken care of before they get to be major issues. Since repairing is always cheaper than replacing, it’s much better to spot minor issues right away.

Avoid health issues with employees

Health issues can arise quickly when mold and algae are drawn into your heating or cooling system off the roof. This can have a major impact on the indoor air quality of your building, and that can affect the general health of your employees. In the Southeast, there is a particular concern for bringing in black algae, which can pose major health risks, as well as damaging the integrity of your roofing system. Some good professional roof maintenance and cleaning will eliminate mold and algae which currently exists, and it will discourage the future growth of the unwanted materials on your roof.

Eliminating moisture

Moisture is the biggest threat facing your roofing system, so keeping moisture away from your roof should be a top priority. Anything that will tend to trap moisture, such as fallen branches, debris, and other material will all be swept away by a professional cleaning team, and that will reduce the likelihood of moisture being able to pond up and cause problems. In addition to causing problems for your roof, there is always the possibility that moisture left unattended will cause leaks into your building.

Improved performance

Your roof will always perform at its best when it is completely clean and free of all debris. A clean roof will maintain a lower surface temperature, which is good for the longevity of the roof itself, and will also lead to lower energy bills because your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard to cool things off inside. By creating a lower rooftop temperature, you’ll be saving on energy usage.

Minimize fire hazards

If your commercial building is located in an area which is bothered by wildfires, it will be essential to keep your rooftop clean, so that it doesn’t spark up at the first sign of unusual heat in the area. Regular cleaning will ensure that no debris is stuck up on the roof, ready to burst into flames when a fire comes into the neighborhood.

It’s easier to keep it clean

If you let your commercial roof go for months or even years without cleaning, you might be horrified to climb up there and see what has accumulated. There could be years of accumulation of literally anything that happened to blow through the neighborhood. On the other hand, if you had been keeping up your roof maintenance, it would be fairly easy to remove whatever had managed to get up there since the last cleaning. Have your rooftop cleaned periodically, and you’ll avoid the buildup of grime, dirt, mold, algae, branches, garbage, and all other kinds of residue.