6 Reasons Why You May Need a New Commercial Roof

6 Reasons Why You May Need a New Commercial Roof

As your commercial building gets older and spends more years exposed to the elements, its roof will experience weakening. While repairs are often possible with some commercial roofing systems, it will eventually come time to opt for a new commercial roof. If you’ve begun experiencing problems with your roof, this isn’t something you want to ignore. Small issues can quickly become a catastrophe if not dealt with immediately.

Finding out that you need a new commercial roof might sound like terrible news, but this is something that can actually be  positive for your business. No one like the headaches associated with the projects and the financial expense can be steep if it is unanticipated. But a new roof can add value and structural soundness to your building. So, how do you know when the time is right? Here are six reasons that your commercial roof might need replacing.

1. Moisture in the Building.

While not every building owner or manager personally inspects their commercial roof regularly, you’ll know that something is terribly wrong if you begin to see signs of water entering the building. These signs might be in the form of water stains on the ceiling or walls, an odor of mildew, or even puddles on the floor. These events require immediate attention.

2. Damage to Flashings.

Flashings are the systems around the edge of your roof, pipes, stacks, rakes, and the chimney. They are designed to act as a barrier between protrusions on the roof and the roofing materials. They are vulnerable to damage and deterioration, such as holes and cracks, that can result in leaks. If there is significant damage that enters the rest of the roof and building, replacement might be a solution.

3. Seams with Gaps.

It can be a challenge to check roof seams on your own, so it’s a good idea to get this done by a professional. Since roof seams are vulnerable parts of your system, a gap or tear in a seam can compromise the waterproof barrier that exists between your roof and the interior of your building. If a breakdown is severe, you might need a new roof.

4. Poor Insulation.

Your company’s building should have adequate insulation that helps it maintain a steady temperature throughout the year. In the winter, heat stays inside and, in the summer, the cool air from the A/C won’t leak through the cracks. Your roof plays a role in this insulation, so a spike in your energy bill could be a signal that you have a roof issue.

5. Roof Warping.

When you visually inspect your roof, any signs of distortion could mean that trouble is brewing underneath. These include bubbling and warping of the roof’s membrane. Excess moisture can cause these problems as well as blistering. If caught early, you can make repairs, but an ignored problem is going to lead to the need for a full replacement.

6. Sagging and Dips in the Roof.

Commercial roofs are designed and installed to bear their own weight. But if there is a significant change in your roofs level, such as dipping and sagging, this is not something to ignore. Moisture could collect on the roof, and then become trapped inside the membrane, creating heavy pockets of soggy insulation. Not only is the terrible for your roof’s performance, but it can also lead to structural damage if not addressed.

If you discover your business needs a new commercial roof, or still aren’t sure, All Seasons Roofing, LLC can help. Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your commercial roof. We specialized in TPO and EPDM roofing systems to provide the best solutions possible to our clients throughout Central Missouri.