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May 2018

Now is the Time to Re-Roof Your Business Thanks to the New Tax Code!

Considering Re-Roofing Your Business? Now is the Best Time Thanks to the New Tax Code!

By | Commercial Roofing Installation

Are you a business owner or property manager that needs a new commercial roof? Whether you have put off the inevitable or just now learned that you have a need, now is the perfect time for that re-roofing project thanks to changes in the tax code. The cost of replacing a commercial roof is considered a major capital expenditure for many businesses. Long-term budgeting can be complicated, and your company may not have put provisions in place to deal with…

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Didn’t See That Coming! 8 Reasons to Have a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan.

By | Commercial Roofing Maintenance

You may believe that your flat commercial roof is in excellent shape, but no roof is invincible. There are a variety of natural and man-made events that can cause significant damage to a roof, which will only get worse the longer they are ignored. Regular commercial roof maintenance is the best way to reduce your risk and keep your roof functioning as it was intended. Here are eight reasons why it’s a good idea for you to have a commercial…

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Roof Coatings Make a Big Impact.

Roof Coatings Make a Big Impact. Which One is Right for Your Project?

By | Commercial Roofing Installation, Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Roof coatings can have a great impact on extending the life of your roof, but it’s important that you choose the right coating, so that you don’t end up replacing it a few months later. The first step in deciding which coating is right for your particular project, is to conduct a little research, so that you are able to make the most informed choice. Roof coating factors The first thing you need to do, is be sure that your…

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